Friday, October 18, 2013

Principles of Clinical Nutrition

Diet is an important treatment for many diseases, this is a specially designed diet in relation to the quantities, chemical composition, physical properties, cooking and intervals in food intake. Was the name of this method of treatment is from the Greek word diaita way of life.

But there are diseases that are treated almost exclusively diet is diabetes easy flow, alimentary obesity, diseases of the digestive and kidney. When clinical nutrition is not only correct selection of products, but also observance of technology of cooking, the temperature of the patients consumed food, frequency and time of its reception.

Aggravation of many chronic diseases often associated with a sharp deviation from the normal diet. For example, chronic pancreatitis, acute after consumption of fatty cream, pancakes, alcoholic drinks, fried foods. Disturbance of the diet in diabetes lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar, dry mouth, strengthening of thirst, progresses fatty infiltration of the liver and pancreas. Increased blood pressure in patients suffering from hypertension observed in the use salty foods. Of course, the list goes on.

The General principles of the diet out of aggravation must not be changed - this relates primarily to the banned products. But you can expand the ways of cooking (cook, bake after boiling), enable vegetables canning. Lack of vitamins compensated ready pharmacy forms (geksavit, dekamevit, гентавит and so on), broth hips, wheat bran.

All diets are prohibited alcoholic beverages, in individual cases, the question about the use of them solves the attending physician.